Invitereferrals Pricing, Features, Pros and Cons

What Is InviteReferrals?

InviteReferrals is a marketing software that helps to grow your business through a powerful referral program. InviteReferrals helps to attach the customers and increase the conversion rate. For marketing agencies and independent markets, this software is ideal. InviteReferrals place active campaigns on a variety of social platforms as well as in channels to bring out valuable results. Invitereferrals Pricing


Why Are Referrals Important?

Running a business with reliable and authentic customers is the most important condition. And if you have the funnel of referral marketing platform you can easily suggest your customers refer new customers to your business. 

It is an spectacular strategy in business to boost up and get attached to the new customers easily. There absolutely is a need for no money in referral sales yet they provide you with valuable leads.

It is because the legit customers send more and also their conversion rates are higher than the new commers. And in the business strategy customer referral are the most effective tactic in marketing.

Invitereferrals Pricing

InviteReferrals Pros


-Absolutely amazing feature of extraction data. It analytics is also well enough to boost your business against the competitive sectors. 

-The tool is simple and very easy to use. Even so if you are in trouble, there is a very helpful support team available. 

-Feature full analytics is available. It is one of the best aspects of this software. You can easily get the data that is hot and valuable.


InviteReferrals Cons

– In the primary setup of the campaign is somewhat tricky.

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– Some customers felt a bit intimidated to get acquainted with this.


Invitereferrals Pricing

Features InviteReferrals


InviteReferral has the below features, 


Multiple Platforms Support

InviteReferrals supports multiple platforms. It is auto responsive to all platforms of sharing and also the devices.


In-Depth Analytics

It features the analytics extensively to your clients’ program of referral. They are always under tracking. How many shares, and clicks, and how are referral conversion rates they generated. And it also shows the performance in every platform of devices stats. Like the numbers of registrations, the installation rate of applications, sales, and others. It ranks the customers from their individual performances. 

Invitereferrals Pricing

Customizable Campaigns

To customize the campaign you do need not any coder or designer. It has all friendly widgets to help you customize easy campaigns. Your editing will be immediately visualized in the editor side tab.

Multiple referrals and Social sharing options

It has no restriction against sharing. Customers are allowed to share by choosing from referral options.


InviteReferrals Supported Integrations


  • WordPress
  • Zapier
  • BigCommerce
  • CART
  • Drupal
  • WooCommerce
  • MailChimp
  • Shopify
  • OpenCart
  • Magento
  • Volusion
  • PrestaShop
  • Squares

Invitereferrals Pricing


Price: $99 per month (Annual Plan $79 per month )


Plan details

  • 1000 new referrers/month
  • Unlimited Conversions
  • Unlimited Invites
  • Email Notification
  • API Access
  • 3 Campaigns 
  • Account access (1 member)
  • Email Support (24 hrs response)


Invitereferrals Pricing

InviteReferrals pricing




Price: $249 per month ($199 per month – Annually)

Plan details

  • 3000 new referrers/month
  • 6 Campaigns
  • Account Access (5 members)
  • Unlimited Conversions
  • Unlimited Invites
  • Email Notification
  • API Access
  • Email Support (16hrs response)
  • Personalized Coupon Based Program
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Price: Custom Price – Contact with support team To Custom your Prefer.



Plan details


  • Email + skype Support (12 hrs response)
  • Personalized Coupon Based Program
  • Campaign Hand Holding
  • Account Access(20 members)
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Custom Developments


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