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Every year on the 26th of January we were taken from school to a famous stadium in the city. Besides the many events, there was also a painting competition. I had been taken there from school many times before but I never went, but that year I did. About 80 people, including juniors, seniors, and teachers, boarded the two buses. hard fuck story

The mind wants to scream with joy, but there are teachers and grandparents on the bus. If they scream and get off the bus thinking they are crazy, the screaming is no more. Especially since it’s my first time going somewhere with everyone so the enthusiasm is nothing short of overwhelming. We reached our destination in no time. Entering a stadium for the first time in my life. Excellent construction technique.
Anyway, our drawing competition started, after which I never knew when the time was going to end. I looked up and saw everyone submitting their drawings and taking tiffin. Hmm, it’s time for tiffin food. We all got on the bus after eating tiffin. Meanwhile, it was getting late afternoon. hard fuck story

I couldn’t leave without my girlfriend Sumana, we sat together. But when Ma’am called him, he sat on the seat next to Ma’am. The seat next to me is empty, waiting for a visitor. As I was enjoying the beauty of the garden outside, I was dizzy when I heard someone calling me. I turned my head and saw a senior grandfather telling me that he could not find a place to sit. The seat next to me is empty, if I don’t mind, he wants to sit there. 

I said no, why would you object? hard fuck story

Meanwhile, the bus also left. I came to know that the grandfather’s name is Sameer. After that, the whole road was cut through various discussions. I have never talked to a senior like this before. I never thought that I will become friends with a senior. Seen many times on the road after that. It has been said. xxx video

This is that while talking so much about what he studied, and I am not saying what he studied, Sameer was studying in class 11 and I was a student of class 9. As time goes by, our friendship will grow stronger. Someone might not understand that we are junior-senior.

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In time we become best friends. After that, I didn’t know when love was knocking at the door of my mind, I opened the door of my mind and saw that love had already entered the room of my mind.
But love did not come easily in my life, it came after a long journey. Because Sameer proposed love to me many times in different ways, but I refused with various excuses. A few times he also sent some of his friends. But I am a little less convinced of this love affair. But I don’t know how life took a turn, the more I turned him down, the more he fell behind me. As if finding me has become a challenge for him. xxx video

Meanwhile, another year passed like this, the first big test of my life appeared in front of me, and on the other hand, the important test of Sameer’s life appeared in high school. So the pressure of reading increased a lot for both of them. So going to school is not as possible as before, because my whole day was spent studying tuition. sex story xxx video

I used to go to school only three days a week, meanwhile, I saw Sameer also coming to school on those days. Maybe he is waiting for my answer. I don’t know why without my knowledge, I started to like him too, but how to express it, everyone will know! Especially, if my father hears this, he will not trust me anymore. x videos

Then the test, then stops going to school. Because you have to prepare for the exam. Three months passed like this. Three months later we met again. By now all our exam troubles are over. He will also get admission to the college, I am in class 11th. xxx video

But even that day he was hoping to hear something from me, I was surprised to think how he has been following me for almost two years. But his constant efforts began to impress me. This is how the girl who once promised her father that she will never get involved in all this falls in love.
Study-tuition-school were all my own, but another newcomer joined the team. x videos

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I still remember the day, Wednesday 5th October 2016, when I answered her question that I liked her too. A new chapter of life has begun. Meanwhile, before the new love started, the Puja holiday came. A long month off, I had his number right but not, a mobile of my own. It was a daily routine to secretly delete messages from my father’s phone. x videos

Finally, one month later, the school opened, and we will meet for the first time after the opening of the school, thinking that the mind was jumping with joy, without knowing it, the melody of the song “How long will I see you?” was coming to my lips. Our conservative family. So I can’t go outside during school hours. And today he will come in front of the school. See you there.

But when I went to school and heard that the holiday was extended, I returned home disappointed that I would meet Sameer in the morning.

After that, along with the messages, the phone calls also started, but not for hours, but only for a few minutes. Yes, there is peace in that, at least hearing the voice of a loved one brings some relief. And some days it has happened that there was no talk even once. What do you think he will make a face, uhhu, he is not a vessel to be angry. Does it ever happen that he who has followed me for so many days will be angry with me for this little thing?

Today marks five years of our relationship, and with that in mind, today I share my love story with you. But in these five years, it is not that there is no trouble in our life, there have been a lot of insults, and small quarrels. But adaptation is the key to relationships. And these are the ornaments of a relationship. This is all normal. It’s the rule of relationships to keep your mouth shut for a few days, then settle everything by saying sorry.

If I can’t handle a little pride, how will I spend my whole life? So it is very important to learn to adapt before getting into a relationship. hard fuck story