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If you are thinking to go for email marketing there are many choices but among them, Campaigner will be a great choice to get. It makes everything easy for you with amazing tools and a variety of templates. For automated emails, a healthy list of contacts and professional emails make it more adaptable. campaigner email marketing


Campaigner Features


Campaigner has amazing tools for email marketing that enriched the campaigns. This section lets us know some of the amazing tools the Campaigner has.


A/B Split Testing

For interactions, engagements, and conversations A/B split testing feature is used. In different versions, it provides the spiffy slight changes in emails and gives them opportunities to choose the preferable to you. Different designs, lines, and subject sections are usable. Therefore with these excellent features, you can make the email structure you want to send to your subscribers. It also provides you with the open rates and also the weekdays while it works the best performance.  



Another excellent feature provides you the regular analytics on the performance of your sent emails. How many clicks, the open rate of emails, and also show the spam and bounce rate. It also gives you the statistics on the social shares, reading emails percentages, and as well as the google analytics stats.  



The Autoresponder feature provides you with the best timing for the customers. The perfect email will send at the perfect time. On the scheduled basis dates, it can send emails when you seem to be the best period to send. Also, an amazing attachment is a reminder. You can remind the customers monthly and wishing him/a birthday. That really helps you engage with your customers.

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Contact Lists

This tool of campaigner manages and tracks the subscribers you have. You can easily import the contact list from the mails and other collections. Another interesting feature is the custom field. You can attach it to your websites as a custom field in the form of sign-up. For example; during sign-up, you can ask customers to fill in their birth date. So that by wishing their birthday you can engage them with the positive moves. And in next let them know about the new offers as a promotion. 

campaigner email marketing


Campaigner ensures that your email sends to the inboxes as spam or promotional tags. And authentication help you send emails as authentic senders. So spam and bounces can not make any harm to the reputation of an authentic sender.


Email Editor

It provides you the best guideline with video tutorials that you can make your professional emails that reach the best. You can also easily edit your email in plain text, with the editor as well as HTML features. 

campaigner email marketing

Email Templates

Campaigner has a professional and amazing look with more than 900 templates. Which you can personalize easily using the editor. These templates are responsible so you can easily use them and your viewers are able to view them from a mobile tablet desktop or whatever the device is.

campaigner email marketing

Media Library

The campaigner media library is enriched with perfect collections that people use for professional purposes. You can also upload your own images and templates as well.  

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Watch campaigner Alternative


Campaigner has the below strengths that make it more adaptable,

  • Ease of use: There are no restrictions on drag and drop, you can easily personalize the email by using your own images, and logos and also use the 900+ templates that you can easily customize. 
  • Customizable features: Campaigner provides an editor so that you can easily customize your emails for multiple purposes. That gives you the best opportunities for higher engagement through clicks. 
  • Automated workflows: With the automation, feature Campaigner helps to send emails in different groups and time to time notify how it is working.
  • Social media integration: Campaigner allows you to integrate tour social media accounts to the emails so that you can also engage with your customers through social media.



We did uncover a couple of potential downsides to Campaigner. Here’s what we didn’t like.

  • Credit card required for the free trial: The campaigner required a credit card to campaign for a free trial for the first 30 days. You can’t use this free option without submitting your credit card.
  • No free version: It does not provide any free versions that other email marketing sites have. 

campaigner email marketing

Customer Support

Campaigner customer support is amazing. They have responsive support, live chats, and also email and phone call support. And also it has supportive guides to make your work easier.


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